Prof. Dr. Mirjam Künkler



seit 2019
Univesity of Bordeaux
Research Professor of Comparative Social Science
Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
Senior Fellow
2016 – 2019
Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study
Research Professor
2015 – 2016
Universität Göttingen
Senior Fellow, Lichtenberg-Kolleg
2007 – 2015
Princeton University
Assistant Professor, Dept. of Near Eastern Studies


Legal Pluralism in the Post-Colony

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Einschlägige Veröffentlichungen

Künkler, Mirjam and Devin Stewart (eds.), Female Religious
Authority in Shi‘i Islam, Edinburgh 2021.

Künkler, Mirjam and Hadi Enayat, The Rule of Law in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Power, Institutions, and Prospects for Reform, Cambridge, in press.

Künkler, Mirjam, “A Clash of Constitutional Cultures: The Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Iran, its Origins and its Evolution”, in: Jan-Christoph Suntrup and Werner Gephart (eds.), Dynamics of Constitutional Cultures, Frankfurt a. M. 2020, 151-184.

Künkler, Mirjam, John Madeley and Shylashri Shankar (eds.), ‘A Secular Age’ Beyond the West. Religion, Law and Multiple Secularities in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa, Cambridge 2018.

Künkler, Mirjam and Alfred Stepan (eds.), Al-Dimokratia va al-Islam fi Indonisia, Beirut 2015.

Künkler, Mirjam, Law in Transformation. The Islamic Republic of Iran (working title), Invited for Review by Cambridge University Press.